Monday, June 11, 2012

Altritol-RNA Duplex at 1.96Å and P5abc RNA Folding Pathway

How Does Hydroxyl Introduction Influence the Double Helical Structure: The Stabilization of an Altritol Nucleic Acid:Ribonucleic Acid Duplex
Margriet Ovaere, Jiri Sponer, Judit E. Sponer, Piet Herdewijn, Luc Van Meervelt
NAR (2012), XX, 1-11

Altritol Nucleic Acids (ANA) are those whose ribose sugar has been modified to have and additional methylene group between the O4' and C1' atoms in the sugar of an RNA:

A duplex can then be made between RNA strands and ANA strands and the results for the nice duplex elucidated with X-Ray crystallography at 1.96 Ångstrom resolution are reported by Ovaere and coworkers. The structure can be found at the Protein Data Bank (PDB) under PDB_ID:3OK2.

One can compare the RNA-ANA, to plain old RNA, an RNA-LNA duplex, and a LNA-LNA duplex as illustrated in the following picture.

Folding Path  of P5abc RNA  Involves Direct Coupling of  Secondary and Tertiary Structures
Eda Koculi, Samuel S. Cho, Ravi Desai, D. Thirumalai, and Sarah A. Woodson
NAR (2012), XX, 1-11

Once again the collaboration of Sarah Woodson with one of her former graduate students brings out beautiful results to further our understanding of RNA folding.

In this case the energy diagram talks by itself.

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