Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly RNA News - Week XXXVII - September 2011

New Structures in PDB

A new 70S  ribosomal structure was released to the Nucleic Acid Database this week with PDB_ID:3zvo. The ribosome structure has a release factor protein attached to it. This release factor is called release factor 3. The structure is coming from Ramakrishnan's group and in line with their previous work it's a ribosome extracted from the Thermus Thermophilus extremophile bacteria which lives in hot springs.
The new structure has a 3.8 Angstrom resolution, so perhaps a little bit above the cutoff resolution for the rnasteps database.

From the new structures pouring into the PDB this past week here is a movie of Mss116p (NTE deletion) bound to ssRNA and AMP-PNP.

The PDB_ID for this RNA chaperone is 3sqx.pdb.
The chaperone functions in splicing mitochondrial group I and group II introns.
The movie is not very nice since I'm still learning which video format will be preferred by blogger.