Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly RNA News - Week XXII - June 2011

Halima Mouhib and Wolfgang Stahl and Monique Luthy and Michelle Buchel and Philip Kraft @ Germany and Switzerland.
Cassis Odor through Microwave Eyes: Olfactory Properties and GasPhase Structures of all the Cassyrane Stereoisomers and its Dihydro Derivatives.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 1-6 (2011)

I came across this article while reviewing the Chemical and Engineering News of this week.
What seems interesting about this publication is that such a small conformational change can affect drastically the chemical reactivity, and directly the human sense of smell, also, since these conformational changes in sugars are seen in RNA, then it's just a related story that seems, whatchamacallit, cute.
I can't help but to like that they use correct CPK colors, yes, what do u know, carbon is black, victory!, and also that they seem to be using pymol. Paying attention to the references at the end of the paper perhaps the images were done with Accelerys discovery studio.
But wait, don't be too emotional and pay attention to detail. Actually it is not all a conformational effect. The isomer which has a more fruity character is a DIHYDRO derivative.